In the mind of your average college student...
Are you fucking kidding me?

What the fuck, why do you have to be such a fucking big baby?
Can’t take shit and deal with it. Holy shit.

I have to do everything by myself. All the fucking time.

Fucking so pissed off.

Been listening to this non-stop.

I wonder if I can relate to the lyrics. Maybe



I wonder, but I doubt it.

I really hope so.

Mind is blank

I just heard something.

Something that I already expected. I asked a question that I already knew the answer to. I don’t know why I did.

I guess I was just hoping that the answer would be different.

I braced myself. It happened exactly how I thought it would yet it still made me sad. I wanted to tell myself it wasn’t real and it was just a dream, but nope.


I have no one to blame but myself. All those times, every single time. I could have said something. I could have changed something.

Everything could have been different.

could have.

I hate those words.

I hate it.

when i first saw this, i almost flipped a table. HOLFWYE GOWPGJEOPGJPD:gf;as

Dat face. NNNFFFF

Dat face. NNNFFFF

김태우 - High High
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I’ve always liked Kim Tae Woo as a singer. And I LOVE that he’s doing so many OSTs of dramas I watch. Especially this one: A Gentleman’s Dignity.

My heart that sees you is high high~

Loving this. Its so freaking funny.

Loving this. Its so freaking funny.